Hidden Mountain Baronial Commons
April 15, 2018

Meeting Started 2:05

Called to Order by Robert Himmelsbach, Seneschal –


Baroness (Krystal) – Need info on Baronial Birthday. Nothing to report. Concerned no one seems to be coming to Baronial Birthday because Crown tourney is the weekend after.
Seneschal (Robert) – This is the quarter month, so if you have reports due, please send them in.
Exchequer (Alden) – Signed checks for Baronial Birthday. He announced the storage unit needs to be paid and asked for populace approval to pay $270. Motioned, all present approved.
Marshall – Not present. No report.
Herald – not present – no report
A&S – Qulan – Looking to have a monthly meeting. Leslie looking to get a church for the meeting. The A&S before the next commons will be held June 3rd at the Baroness house and Getulio will be teaching how to prepare to make shoes. There was a discussion on cleaning baronial property.
Minister of Youth. – Katherine will be going to many events to spread the word about Yafa. The Bod lawyers are still working on correcting the current verbiage that could lead to law suits.
Minister of the List – Stepping down and need it announced in the Mayhem.
Web Minister – Sala – Web site created but still having problems getting it up on the Kingdom server.  Please send pictures for website.
Rapier Marshall – Position vacant.

Old Business:
Hidden Mountain Baronial Birthday – Much discussion on set-up and schedules.New Business: Silver Chalice will be spiked soon. It will be at the Womens Center Highway 90, holds 50/60 people, $250 cost for sit $50 insurance – all motioned, seconded and approved the cost and for a check to be cut. They have a kitchen but we have to supply the propane. Master Geoffrey is doing the feast.
They have a fighting field. The Date is August 25th
.Discussion to build a 15’ by 15’ fly for Baronial Regalia. Tabled until further research on materials could be acquired.Motion made to adjourn, seconded and all approved.
Meeting ended at 3:15

Hidden Mountain Baronial Commons
March 17, 2018

Location – Misty Marsh, Baroness Cecilia’s home,
Meeting started at 2:04

Baronage – Need letters of intent for Heavy and Archery. People outside the Barony are allowed to be a Champion of Hidden Mountain.

Seneschal – It is March and quarter end for those whose reports are due. Please let Master Geoffrey know if he can be of any help.

Exchequer – We have $5,549.07 in the account. Need permission to purchase more checks. It was suggested that 2 batches be purchased along with extra deposit since you use them more. Motion made, seconded and passed.

Marshall – Nothing to report. Once a quarter trying to get a Baronial fighter practice. Lady Alisoun volunteered her house on Sunday, June 17 in Conway. More info will be forthcoming.

Herald – Nothing to report. There will be two courts at Baronial Birthday. He does not have a deputy.

A&S – Hope everyone is well and I look forward to hearing about today’s class. I am sorry to have missed it as I was really interested in learning the tapestry embroidery. I graciously thank you Lady Alisoun for lending your time and expertise for the class. It is most appreciated. Now onto my report. First I wanted to thank you to all who came out and participated in the Moorhaven event of So You Think
You Can Cook and say congratulations to the winners for a fine presentation. I will leave the further announcements of that for the autocrat. However, I have not received the report from the autocrat from this event and would like to include this information for this first quarter report. If it is available please send it to
my email address at the top of this page. Second, I wanted to touch base with the barony about our A&S activity days. I have been working with Lady Katerina (Leslie Pippin) and Lady Esme (Candace Musemuci) and soon hopefully with Lady Yvonne (Sharon Fowler) on a schedule for baronial activity days that do not necessarily center around the Commons meeting. This is a gathering to occur in addition to such workshops. In October last year a tentative plan was made to meet once every month or every other month, schedules permitting, to host an activity, usually for the benefit of the whole barony. The last one was held in Moorhaven to which I gracious say thank you to Lord Patris and Lady Slaine for opening their home for the gathering. The next one will hopefully get scheduled in Misty Marsh for sometime prior to the HMBB event to allow us to focus on banners and the hall decorations that have been pointed out by our Baroness. I would like ask Lady Katerina and Lord Pippin to secure the use of their church if possible as this would give us adequate work space. I have mentioned the request a little while back but don’t know if we had a response back yet or when a time would work best for Lady Katerina? If possible, perhaps this could be worked out today but if not I understand and will look to make an announcement by the end of the month. If we cannot get together before HMBB then in May we will certainly see to it.

Chatelaine – Many Demo’s in the Cantons.

Youth Minister – She is now Vice Chancellor of YAFA. She will be attending many events to spread the word.

MOL – Lady Caissene sent her report in – She will be the MOL at Baronial birthday and will need runners. She is stepping down as MOL but will stay until someone takes the position. MOL position will be published in
the April Mayhem.

Webminister – Abbott is stepping down. Lady Sala has offered to be Baronial Webminister with conditions since she lives in Aethelmarc.

Tear-Sea’s Shore – Seneschal not present, Mistress Alison reported. Warriors Games is scheduled for July 14th and since that is Bastille day we are going French theme. Mistress Adendra will have her sno-cone machine going.

Misty Marsh – Seneschal Lord Pippin, turned the report to Lady Caitrinia and Moore Middle school demo coming up this Friday, March 23rd. They have 7 stations for Arts and Sciences. The local TV station may be there

Moorhaven – They are having regular meetings.
Event Report – So you think you can Cook!
Sunday, March 25th they are having a Duct Tape dummies for garb. Contact Lady Esme for details.

Old Business

Event Report for Manannan

Directory Discussion on acquiring names.

Baronial Birthday
Things are progressing well for HMBB. So far at my last communication with people:
We have our MOL, Marshals and A&S setup for the event, we now also have the menu (see below) from the 3 Barons which will get posted soon to the website. There will be Fighting for all ages, including youths and Archery. Thank you to Lady Cassiene, Sir Hrothgar, Lady Jorunn, Lord Robert the Banished, Lady Katherine of
the Doves and of course all three Barons for your support. We have two merchants that have said they will setup for us, currently that is Crafty Celts and Seekers of the Temple. There will also be a couple of A&S
competitions and classes as mentioned on the website. One thing not on the website is a largess construction for our Baroness of little dragons, to go into our largess gift baskets. This activity was just sent to me so I don’t
have too many in depth details or pictures but they are cute and should make a fun activity for all ages at the event. I want to say a special thanks to Lord Patris who has taken time out of his busy schedule to help make site tokens. I have a few other things on my plate to try to get hashed out such as a steward for the hall along
with a group dedicated to put up and help take down the decorations’ have also been speaking with Lady Katheryn M’Kethirryke about possibly hosting a Queen’s tea during the midday since our event has now become a Royal Progress. There is one thing though I could really use assistance with. I have been trying to get back in touch with Lord Seamus who is our MIC to discuss the tournament plans and layout for the Eric. If any
of our fighters have contact with him in the next couple of weeks either at a demo or event please let him know I need to speak with him. Sir Hrothgar your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. As for prizes, we have had a couple of items to be volunteered from one of our newest members Lord Getulio D’Amalfi (Ben Lantaigne) and from Lady Jorunn. I am still working on filling in the details for the prizes. menu details per Lord Ingvar: Manakeish: flat bread of water, yeast flour and salt Hariri: soup of vegetable stock, onion, garlic, lentils, tomatoes, chickpeas, cilantro, parsley, lemon juice,
turmeric, ginger, and cumin Butter Chicken Pies : pie of butter, chicken, yogurt, tumeric, onions, carrots, spinach, saffron rice and pie crust Lamb Kabobs: lamb, rutabaga, eggplant, onions and tomatoes Carrot Halwa: carrots, milk, water, ghee, sugar and cardamom See updates on Website. Menu has been posted.
Prizes needed and Qulan will contact those who have volunteered prizes.
There will be a morning court around 10:30ish to announce Champion contenders.

New Business 

Sillver Chalice – Lady Esme volunteered to autocrat. Group decided Aug 25th instead of September be cause there was too much event conflict in September. Tentatively at Britton Center – Group motioned, seconded and unanimously approved of $100 for site and $50 for insurance to be distributed for event.
Here Excellency wants the group to start on next year Baronial Birthday NOW. Jorunn to check on possibility of new site.

Next meeting on April 15 at Master Geoffrey’s house, 199 Cabrill Ave., North Charleston
Meeting motioned, seconded and approved by all to close. Meeting closed at 3:18.

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